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The Great Escape

For string quartet

A fantasy about escape from the grid, and that which bind us; loosely autobiographical

Performance Materials:

The Program in Four Movements:

Chapter One: Escape Fantasy

Amidst the manufactured busy life, we dare dream

Full Score PDF

Escape Fantasy

All Movements Together:

(20 minutes)

The Great Escape - All Movements

Chapter Two: There in the Muck

Escape the grid,but into the muck, and it was the only way

Full Score PDF

There in the Muck

Chapter Three: Oh, how we are spun along

Trap to trap, escape again,does it ever end?

Full Score PDF

Parts (All Movements):

Oh, how we are spun along

Chapter Four: The Great Escape

You have to fight for it!

Full Score PDF

The Great Escape
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