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Official "Third Person" Bio


Daniel Gall is a composer and writer who lives off the grid on a small farm in Oregon, writing music and working with cows. Having focused on remote dance film collaborations since the start of the pandemic, Daniel reaches out from his woodsy hermitage to choreographers, filmmakers, and performers from around the world to produce content for his online series, PROJECT SCREENDANCE. Before fleeing the grid, Daniel studied music at UCLA, and he was the founder of the Los Angeles based new music organization and concert series, Synchromy. Over the years, he’s collaborated with a host of ensembles and musicians, including the Symbiosis Chamber Orchestra, the Definiens Project, the Glendale Philharmonic, and many others. He’s a prolific composer who writes in a unique quirky style, preferring a charming eccentric tonality, and intelligent accessibility, over more experimental genres. Identifying as a musical storyteller, he sees composition as a means for creative social engagement with performers and audiences alike, especially when coupled with the isolation of our modern world. Each new piece is a way to reach out and connect.


In addition to his work as a composer, Daniel is a novelist who writes satirical, often-dystopian fantasies based on his experiences off the grid. He strives to connect his musical and literary works through fantastic themes and imaginative concepts, usually involving film or dance.

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