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Music Page

Welcome to my music page!


First things first, check out some of my music:

Catalog of Works

*Performers looking for repertoire should contact me to request a free perusal copy of any of these pieces, but if preferred, select pieces are available for purchase online (links where available).

*Please note that all my works are licensed via ASCAP

*Are you performing my piece? Excellent! Please send me a quick email to notify me of your performance.


Solo Flute

       Seven Flute Pieces on a Forest Theme (The Book of Sol) (8’)

              Under the Maple Tree

              Fox at Play

              The Noble Rabbit

              Little Bird in the Trees

              Temple of Sky

              Through a Painted Valley

              The Oak’s Last Words

       The Continuing Adventures of a Caged Bird Set Free (5’)

              Daybreak, exploits of a city still yet asleep

              In the shade, hiding from the sun

              City streets, crowded with activity

Flute Trio

       Ducks Crossing (2')

Solo Clarinet

       Two Clarinet Reflections on the End of Time Experience (4’)

              Alone in Preparation

              The dance after what was supposed to be the end of time

Clarinet Duet

       Oatmeal Counterpoint (12’)

              Oatmeal Counterpoint 1-7

Clarinet Quartet

       Mosaic (15')

              Mosaic I

              The Mad Walk

              Dark Thoughts

              Trampoline Circus

              Away From This

              Mosaic II

Solo Violin

       The Discovery of Light (10’)

              The Discovery of Light

              Shrouded by Misty Waters

              After the Sun Sets to Only That Which Haunts Me

              I set the ghosts aflame

              I Retreat into a Bubble of Light

              Lights in the Night Sky

              Goodbye to Night

Solo Cello

       All the days go by, and here I am alone (3’)

Cello and Mezzo-Soprano Voice

       Aitken Settings (10’) (Poems by Neil Aitken)

              In the Long Dream of Exile


              At the End of Poetry

Solo Piano

       Darkly Studious (4’)

       Inside Outside (5’)

Flute and Clarinet

       Traveling Through Many Places and Standing Still (12’)

              Traveling Through Many Places

              Standing Still

Flute, Clarinet, Piano

       Diabolical and Sweet (5’)

              Diabolical and Sweet

              Fiendish Rain

Flute, Clarinet, Violin

       Finally I let go (12’)

              Finally I let go

              The Mechanical Flower


Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon

       Grace (8’)

Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello

       Subtlety (4.5')

Flute, Clarinet, Viola, Cello

       Cartoon Cool (13’)

              Cartoon Cool

              The Owl’s Lair

              All the Animal Gang

Flute, Clarinet, Horn, Violin, Cello

       Prelude and Passion (9’)

       Little Overture (3.5')

String Quartet

       Six Dystopian Scenes (16')

              Welcome to the Machine!

              The Color Wheel

              Living With a Silver Stripe Against the Sky

              Ladies of the Machine

              Big Hole at the End of a Rainbow

              Snake in the Fire

       Escape Fantasy (5')

String Quartet with Soprano Voice

       Life as a Poet (5’) (Poems by Pablo Capra)

              A Woman with no Head


              Pablo and the Angel

Brass Quintet

       Storied Dances for Brass Quintet (10’)

              The Storyteller

              The Beleagured Dance of a Wild One Caged

              The Grand Mother of the Sea

              The Hero Ritual

Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Piano, and Soprano Voice

       The Awakening Room (9’) (Poems by Tyler Williams)

              The Awakening Room

              Instructions for Burying an Opposum


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