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A dystopian-satire novel by Daniel Gall

54,000 words

Enter the Cultiverse, where everyone has a cult. There’s the Bird Cult, the Water Cult, the Cult of Reason–there’s a whole City of Cults. But our story begins with a simple, rural grass worshipper named Felix, who’s poised to change everything.


Bursting with humor and double-meaning alike to George Saunders’ THE BRIEF AND FRIGHTENING REIGN OF PHIL, and in the vein of dystopian classics such as Margaret Atwood’s MADDADDAM series, THE LAWN CULT tells the story of Felix and Juna, star crossed lovers from an idyllic pastoralist cult that worships the grass. Torn apart by a conflict that brings the grass worshippers to the brink of civil war, they foolishly turn to a strange grass-cutting cult, which arrives intent on brainwashing their people. Their minds are purged and reprogrammed with constant busywork, and ritualized hate, the proscribed conventions of the "Supposedto," the main doctrine of the Lawn Cult, become their religion, and as they forget the past, and even their names, they’re each assigned a number. Felix is lost; purged. He’s Fourteen now. But Juna has a plan, one that will pit the purged Lawn Cult fanatics against themselves from a forgotten past. Before she purges with him, Juna sets her plan in motion. If ever Felix, and the grass worshippers can be brought back, it will only be at the end of a great quest.

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